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A terrifying journey into America’s forgotten regions.
You ever heard of Route Thirteen? No, not that one.
The real one.

It ain’t on no map, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who’s travelled it. I dare say this book’s the only evidence you’ll ever come across mentioning that forgotten road. Or the bar.

And we wrote a song with Beth Patterson about it.

Goes by the name of Whiskey Pete’s. We wanted to create a fully immersive experience where we wrote a track to accommodate the stories within. In addition, both Beth and Kym Trialz contribute to the anthology.

That shiver you just felt? That’s a warning, and so’s this book. Thirteen stories of pure horror, blood-curdling violence and spectacularly bad decisions, inspired by the poor folks who fell foul of old Route Thirteen and Whiskey Pete’s.

Let this book be your warning. If you find yourself on that forsaken road, with the warming lights of Whiskey Pete’s upon your windshield, turn back. Or it’ll be your Last Stop.

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If you heed your instincts, you might not trust your mind
In the shadow of Devil's Ladder the world you left behind
Your gut says keep on driving
Your instinct says beware
The spectres crawl inside your head and build a nest in there
Don't wander out among the trees
The bark can have a bite
Tell me traveller - are you prey
Or just a parasite?
The locals they will come for you
You'll disappear unseen
If you go to Whiskey Pete's on former Route 13
Archetypal horrors wait for you in every scene
At Whiskey Pete's
On Route 13
In eternal slumber where no one can hear you scream
At Whiskey Petes
On Route 13
There's cobwebs on the gas pumps
And bloodstains in the hall
The jukebox plays a bygone tune
You barely can recall
The rooms are quite affordable but there's a higher price
When a dark anomaly
Demands a sacrifice
So when you accept the key you unlock more than your quarters
You will find the denizens must carry out their orders
You can get a bed but you sure as hell won't sleep
When you go to Whiskey Pete's
On former Route 13
They told you not to go
You didn't listen
Ghosts immemorial
Give you the frissons
Down your weakened spine
If you had one
A sacrifice to time
A lost dimension
(A lost dimension)
Spectral glows and howling sounds
Call up from the underground
Did something move inside your room?
This place feels just like a tomb
What's stalking from the forest edge?
Creeping from your window ledge
What's slowly creeping from the gloom
That whispers siren sweet to your doom?
At Whiskey Pete's on Route 13
In this bleak unholy place no one can hear you scream
At Whiskey Pete's on Route 13
Did I see a squiddlewonk or just a thylacine
At Whiskey Pete's on Route 13
The food they serve around this place is worse than soylent green
At Whiskey Pete's on Route 13
Ive got a brand new pair of throwing knives
You've got the hotel key at Whiskey Pete's
On Route 13! Teen! Teen!


released December 21, 2021
Beth Patterson - Vocals and Bouzouki, Owl Whistle
and Enchanted Ding Dong Bass Bodhran
Kym Trailz - Vocals
Aaron Maguire - Banjo and Guitar
Taylor Suarez - Lead Guitar
Edward Joubert - Drums
Sean Mooney - Bass

Lewis D'Aubin at COG Secret Lab - Recording, Mixing, Production
Benjamin Humphrey - Mastering


all rights reserved



Tomb Of Nick Cage New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans Paranormal Horror Rock. Old World Horror For the New World Order.

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