by The Tomb Of Nick Cage

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released May 10, 2017



all rights reserved


The Tomb Of Nick Cage New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans Horror and Illuminati Punk. Old World Horror For the New World Order. Philanthropy through Noise.

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Track Name: Vampire's Kiss
Well, I'm tired of this office life of cubicles and suits
Of ennui and monotony
And only blood will do
I can feel my body changing and I don't know what to do
I'll sing you a sweet nocturne if I can rule the night with you

Well, a bat flew through my window last night
With a message to relay
He said "you're now one of us"
And avoid the light of day
Well, my body's still not changing and I don't know what to do
Cause all it would take is some plastic fangs and a little bite from you

I've been to New York in the subways a
And London in The Tube
In New Orleans at the Crystal
And there's still no trace of you
I wander all alone now with something still amiss
Fangs for all the memories of your vampire's kiss

I need your kiss!
Your vampire's kiss!
I need your kiss!
Your vampire's kiss!

(Your kiss, your kiss, your kiss)
Track Name: Nightbreed
I have my friends. they are my family
In Midian we are a different breed
You have your guns, your talking head TV
You have your wars and that's OK with me

Oh, I still have the same old dream and nothing can be what it seems
Dr. Decker make the call I see the gates and graveyard walls
Now I'm in an institution, murder is no resolution
Trapped in here with crazy guy
Sliced his face off, don't know why


Well, down to Midian we run, trying to escape the sun
Pelequin says I don't belong
Meat for the beast - not sure he's wrong
I'm made immortal from his bite and Kinski says I'll never die
They're the tribe of the moon, nightfall will be coming soon



He touched the blood of Baphomet and Decker hasn't killed me yet
And Babette just can't stand the sun, but we mustn't turn and run
Bezerkers loose on the town, Midian is falling down
Prophesy complete, i gave my all
No longer Boone, I am CABAL.

Track Name: Wickerman
There's an ancient wind on Summer's Isle
You should come and stay a while
We'll burn you down on hallowed ground
Where I promise you, you'll never be found

Oh, WickerMan. Wickerman
Oh WickerMan, Wickerman

Hide your eyes from the Maypole, Malus
From the bees out in the field
The drone must die, the dark appeased
Before our crops will yield

Oh, Wickerman. Wickerman
Oh Wickerman, Wickerman

They say you reap what you sow
You're pure, a fool and a king
You're a monument, a sacrifice
A star-crossed effigy

Oh, Wickerman. Wickerman
Oh Wickerman, Wickerman

How'd it get burned? How did it get? How did it get?
How'd it get burned? How did it get? How did it get?
How'd it get burned? How did it get? How did it get?
How'd it get burned? How did it get? How did it get?
Track Name: Tub of Blood
All proceeds of downloads from "Tub Of Blood" in the month of August will be donated to Take A Chance animal rescue to help them become a 501c3 recognized charity. We strongly believe that these animals are actually agents of the illuminati and are being groomed to be placed in the homes of prominent politicians for retrieving intel to return back to the shadow organization. But then again, we like animals more than politicians. The tomb commands us, and it shall be done.
Hey You Walking Down The Street
You've Got What I Want
You've Got What I Need
All Your Organs Belong To Me
I'm Gonna Party Like Erzebet Bathory

Tub Of Blood
Uh-Huh, Uh-Huh, Uh-Huh

They Call Me The Doctor But I Don't Have A Cure
I'll Harvest All Your Organs And Come Looking For More
Your bladder, appendix, tonsils and spleen
I'll also take what you don't even need

Erector Pili
Darwin's Point
and your wisdom teeth!

Ice is nice, but chlorophorm's quicker
I don't have antiseptic, but I'll use liquor.
All my arts are culinary,
But I have a college textbook on anatomy!

Tub of Blood
Uh-Huh, Uh-Huh, Uh-Huh

Tub of Blood (Ad Nauseum)